Hello my name is Sandra. And i just recently added 5 kids to our mix. My sister passed away in a car accident 3 months ago and left behind 5 beautiful amazing children ages 1-17 and i already have 2 teenage girls one of whom has a son 3 months old. So we recently went from a family of 5 to a family of 10. Over night. But now here it is christmas time and im still trying to buy school clothes fo...
Does anyone have a DVD player you don't need anymore? Maybe you've shifted to Blu-Ray? Need one in good condition to watch movies. Thanks, Kitty
Smaller travel trailer wanted. My kids are living out of the back of their pickup and are looking for a travel trailer for little or no $$ to get out of the weather
Hi, just seeing if anyone has a medium/waist height book shelf and/or a desk? thanks! chris
Pumpkins wanted
Hello, my name is Jessica and when I was 15 I had an accident injuring my knee. The doctors saved my life and my leg but left me with a disability that hinders my ability to exercise. The stability in my knee is getting worse every year and I'm desperate to find a way to exercise to be ready for my knee replacement surgery. The only way I've found that can get my heart rate up to where it needs...
I am in need of yarn to make Christmas presents for my kids. We don't have the means to buy gifts this year, so I want to make some instead. Anything helps. Thank you in advance.
Needed... Digital Blood pressure monitor... thank you
12-Oct-2018Cottage Grove, OR+17 milesItems Wanted
Hoping someone out there has one hanging around collecting dust they wouldn't mind parting with. I have one, but it's red. Would like to use for my eldest for senior pictures and later "graduation" since we homeschool.
12-Oct-2018Cottage Grove, OR+17 milesItems Wanted
We are expecting a baby boy in February and anything would help!!
11-Oct-2018Springfield, OR+4 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a twin long, mattress and box or queen mattress and box. Good condition please.
11-Oct-2018Springfield, OR+4 milesItems Wanted
I am in urgent need of a working clothes dryer!
Hello, I am visiting my daughter from Houston, and the windows are drafty. Does anyone have any bubble wrap to spare, so I can insulate the windows in my bedroom? Many thanks, Bobbie
Hello, does anyone have a bread maker with a defective or non-working heating element, but still retains the kneading function? I would LOVE to give it a new home! I enjoy making French bread, and actually prefer to bake mine in the oven, so i just need it to knead. (English is a funny language, ain t it, though). Give me a holler if you can help out. Many thanks!
Need a twin extra-long bed frame. Already have the mattress and box spring. Thanks!
Looking for a twin long, mattress and box or queen mattress and box. Good condition please.
hi! i am looking for any spare random papers you may have. doesn't matter if they are all different or all the same, as long as they aren't plain white printer paper i print a lot on recycled / reused papers and i've had a great help from several people cleaning out their basements/offices. if you have any paper please let me know :) thanks! chris
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